Empowering Women

by focusing on God’s heart while He is restoring yours!


Cheryl Kent

Hello, my name is Cheryl. Welcome to a safe place
meant for you!

I care about you and the heart challenges in life that you yearn to overcome!  My desire is to partner and encourage women like you, no matter what season they are in, to move forward in their lives.

I do this is by walking beside you, authentically developing your trust, while we uncover together the lies you have been believing that has kept you in your own prison and replacing those lies with God’s truths.  As you experience freedom, we then partner to discover tools to work on yourself with God’s help. By learning to lean into God’s heart, He will heal and restore your heart to become the empowered woman you were meant to be in Christ!


What Season of life
are you in?

Are you a woman that is...

  • Stagnant, looking for a change to move forward in life?
  • Worn, fearful, anxious, or hopeless?
  • Confused or stuck in your life?
  • Feeling alone, overwhelmed, or even unrepairable?
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If you are tired of the pain or unrest you are feeling and desire to move forward with your life, then this is a safe place just for you!

This is your chance to allow God to restore your tender heart while you focus on Him. To allow Him to reveal His truths about you and to help you discover the lies that you have been believing for so long.  God has a purpose for you and turning your painful challenges for your good and for His glory! This is your chance to find restoration of your heart and become the empowered woman God meant for you to be!

How I Can Help

About Me

Cheryl Kent

Certified Professional Life Coach

ICF (International Coaching Federation) Trained

College graduate BA in Business

Business Professional 25 years

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about me

I am an “extra”ordinary woman who has encountered many challenges in my own journey. I have had the privilege of being a divorced, career oriented, single parent for over 20 years.

I have dealt with:

  • Loss of both parents.
  • Divorce – son was a month old.
  • Single parenting – not dating.
  • Strong narcissistic personalities.
  • Sexual harassment in my career.
  • Identity, codependency, fear & anxiety issues.          

Over the past 20 years of my journey of focusing on Christ’s Heart, my heart has been restored and empowered to forgive myself and others who have harmed me, realize my true identity in Christ, been healed from codependency, and freed from debilitating fear and anxiety! Don’t get me wrong I am still a work in progress, however, through Christ, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!

Isaiah 58:12 says, Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.

This is my calling, to be the vessel through Christ to help repair broken walls and restore and empower the streets of your hearts. I would be honored to journey with you in this opportunity!

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What My Clients Are Saying...

Coaching with Cheryl has been a prayer answered that I didn’t even know I needed. When I started with Cheryl I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I was really getting & man am I grateful I trusted God when he placed her in my life as my coach. Cheryl made me feel safe, supported & loved. Her ability to listen & make you feel heard then asking thought provoking questions that result in self realization is a gift. She has helped me find out things about myself that I love & things I want to improve without feeling bad about my short comings. Instead I see them as perfect imperfections that can be improved not only for myself but for all whom I encounter. Cheryl’s approach to coaching has been exactly what I needed!
Cheryl's gentle guidance helped me see what I couldn’t. I appreciate that this was not counseling, but guidance. This experience was so incredibly different and Holy Spirit led. I will forever be grateful for Cheryl helping guide me through this season. If you are looking for simple direction in life or maybe finding your freedom from emotional struggles that limit you growing and moving forward… Then you were meant for such a time as this.
Cheryl has walked with me though the most difficult times of my life (the death of my daughter, son and most recently my husband). She has comforted me, encouraged me, and prayed with and for me. She is wise beyond her years. Without my God and Cheryl’s emotional support and prayers, I am not sure how I would have survived. Cheryl has reminded me during these trials that God is the answer to all my problems and has pointed the way to Him when I have waivered in my faith. It has always amazed me that God sent this wonderful young woman to be a coach and mentor to me when I am in the season of my life.

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  • Allow me to be God’s vessel to journey with you to Financial Stability and Empowerment!
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This is a safe place for you...

Are  you a  Professional Christian Woman who is crushed and hurt on the inside while wearing a mask on the outside?

 I can help you regain confidence,  discover freedom and relief,  through finding your identity in Christ, being EMPOWERED to overcome your Life Challenges, and become the strong confident woman God meant you to be!